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Pre Approval

Pre Approval


Why We Recommend a Pre-approval


To gain an income verified mortgage pre-approval, you’ll need to send your mortgage broker information relating to your employment history, income, assets and liabilities, and an estimated down payment amount. This will be used to pre-qualify you for a mortgage and provide an estimate of the financial support you are qualified to receive. Getting a pre-qualified mortgage will also provide you with an approximate rate of interest on your mortgage.


Pre-qualification and Pre-Approval are not the same!

Being pre-qualified for a mortgage does not mean you are guaranteed a specific mortgage amount or rate. To be pre-qualified, the mortgage lender will review the following information: income, debt, assets, confirmed monies available for down payment and closing costs. The pre-approval process requires a loan application to be completed, including a credit report.


Know your Budget

When you know your budget, you have a concrete idea of what you will be able to afford while shopping for your new home.


Lock In Your Rate

Shop with the security of a 120 day rate hold!


Increase Negotiating Power

Being pre-approved may give you the upper-hand in negotiating prices and terms with the seller.


It's Free!

When you choose Maxx mortgages for your pre-approval, you get the security of a locked rate at zero cost to you!

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